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Powerful and Affordable Mobile Application Development Services

Risersol Technology is highly skilled in engineering Android, iOS "Two In One" and Windows Mobile Applications Services. We have an expert team of mobile app developers for integration and support services in end-to-end Android mobile apps. We help you in achieving your business goals by using iOS development tools. Our mobile application development engineer mobile applications by leveraging the power of Microsoft. All the needs of a custom-tailored business are available at affordable rates.

Mobile Application Development

Responsive UI

Google Map Integration

Api's Integration

Payment Methods

Live Streaming or Video call Through Agora

Google Ads Integration ( Rewarded , Inertitial)

Push Notifications Through Firebase

FCM Through Firebase or Twilio

Mobile Responsive UI Layouts

Mobile Responsive UI Layouts

We are always here to stand out your business with our strategic and technical team talent. Our mobile app developers understand the importance of responsive UI layouts. He developed a UI responsive application that fits any size of the screen. Our primary focus is on the flexibility and continuity of Responsive UI.

So, a mobile application user enjoys a seamless experience while moving from one window size to another. Our mobile application development clearly defines the app bars, navigation, and content. We update the content and offer quick navigation styles.

Perfect Mapping Solutions

Perfect Mapping Solutions

Integration of the map into the app no longer must be your query. Our mobile application development service offers you Google Map Integration in the applications. When there is a map available in the mobile app, it shows the authenticity of your product or service. We have experience integrating Google Maps into mobile applications for traveling, fitness, dating, and e-commerce.

Deliver Video Streaming

Deliver Video Streaming

No matter how large your audience, we offer you real-time video streaming through Agora. You can converse and connect to thousands of viewers at the same time. Live streaming or Video call through Agora is the fastest and easiest solution to build a community through mobile application.

Sending Push Notifications

Sending Push Notifications

Like Facebook Messenger, we use Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) to notify new updates to mobile app users. Fcm, through Firebase or Twilio, keeps the user updated and pushes him on your application. We have the leading technology to regulate in-app ads, Google Ads Integration ( Rewarded, Interstitial), and actionable insights. A mobile application will be the best way to earn money.

Clean Code Architecture

Our mobile app developers keep a significant focus on clean code architecture. They keep the codes organized so it gets easy to maintain and understand them. Our Clean code using MVC or MVVM pattern organization is the bundling block for the base of mobile applications.

Dream Big With Us!

Risersol Technology has the leading role in the mobile application development industry. We have excellent knowledge of how mobile apps have an influential role in the emerging digital market. Our mobile app developers use reliable tools to develop and design your business's mobile app. We promise to help you earn a good name and profit through the latest development of Mobile Applications Services

Clean Code Architecture
Dream Big With Us!

What are mobile app services?

Mobile app services include end-to-end organization, design, optimization, and maintenance of mobile applications. At Risersol Technology, we conceptualize and turn unique ideas into appealing results. We assure you you will get good revenue from our developed and designed mobile app.

Mobile apps connect with the mobile, while applications are software programs. With a septic computing task, the applications are developed for end users. However, mobile apps are the development of the agenda for the convenience of mobile users.

The cost of the mobile app development varies according to its functionality. The story of a mobile app with multiple functions is much more complex than a single-function app. So, the cost of the multiple-function mobile app is high. We offer you mobile app development services at economical rates.

  • Native Apps: Native mobile apps are developed to run on a single operating system, iOS, Windows, Android, or any other.
  • Web Apps/PWA: Web applications include all browser-supported applications.

Hybrid Apps: Hybrid apps are mobile applications that use native and web apps.

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  • Market-leading pricing without sacrificing quality.
  • Intuitive, data-driven, and user-centric mobile application development.
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